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At the breastfeeding class tonight, we got the fun of being the closest due date.  It was fun to say “we are due SATURDAY“.  Everybody else was off in June or July or so.  Ah, the jealously.  We watched a video on feeding signs.  It was funny to see the babies lying there and when they wanted fed, they would either open their mouth and start wiggling their tongue, or put their hand in their mouths or even try and turn towards Mom’s breast.  The one Mom in the video went on to say how its so nice that her baby gives her signs when he wants to eat.  The kid has his mouth open with his tongue swinging around….that probably isn’t an indication of much else.

Mom went to the doctor today for the regular weekly checkup.  Nothing much new.  Mom lost 1 pound over the week.  Not eating as much because the kid takes all the room.  Took them a while to find the heartbeat — I am wondering if the baby is backwards or something.  Seems like its hard to find most of the time.  Mom never seems to ask the beats per minute so I do not have that data for you — not that it means that much to us technically.

One Grandma that I won’t name names on called 4 times tonight while we were gone.  Do you think I can report her to the Colorado no-call list?

When’s That Baby Due?

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Last Saturday was Mom’s first due date before it was changed to May 3rd.  We are all getting anxious…or maybe frustrated.  We are ready to go.  Its like having a major event but you do not know when its going to occur — but when it does a huge set of events go into motion.  We have done the major spring cleaning of the house and now things are getting dirty again.  Grandma is calling everyday asking Mom how she is.  Mom does not like this.  Mom is fine and does not want to be asked constantly.  Our neighbors are asking because they have a baby $$$ pool riding on the date so they call until their day comes and then they are mad when its not born yet.  Do we get the cash if they are all wrong?

Tomorrow night is the next and final installment in the educational series — breastfeeding 101.  Three hours of talking about boobs.  Normally, that might get one excited but at this point – its just painful.  But lucky for me, the coaches (as we are known these days) are highly encouraged to come to the class so we can help Mom when she gets frustrated trying to feed the child.  So another night away from 24, go TiVo.

Nobody has posted comments lately on the pictures I posted.  Maybe I will stop…hint hint.

Birth Update

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This update brought to you by Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf (MSS), the former Iraqi Information Minister. 

“American Infidels, I have detailed information about the situation.  The Fuller Infidel parents are busy at the Baghdad hospital with the new 14 pound baby boy infidel.  No I am not scared, and neither should you be!  I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying.   I can triple guarantee you, the parents are under siege.  They are becoming hysterical. This is the result of frustration.  They are superpower of villains. They are superpower of Al Capone.  Who are in control, they are not in control of anything – they don’t even control themselves! Do not fear – we have them surrounded in their tanks.”

Read more Iraqi Minister of Dis-Information quotes.

Stupid Baby Names are quite the hit in Hollywood.  Is our baby’s on here?

Mom Dropped the Baby on Her Head?

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The doctor says the baby has now dropped.  I guess that means that she did a piledriver into Mom’s pelvis — which seems to be a good thing.  Mom is also 1 cm dialated and 80% effaced — which means about nothing.

I can’t wait until we get to stop hearing about and seeing vaginas.  Too much information.