School Talent Show

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At the end of each school year, Flagstaff Academy has a school wide talent show. You get all types up there doing their thing. No real rules other than you get 2 minutes as I am told. One kid rode a unicycle and did a Rubik’s cube at the same time. There was a 5th grade band that covered Ozzy … Read More

Spring Voice Recital 2016

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Already time for another recital! This one was a little early because the studio was preparing to send kids to competition soon. Sydney had a chance to perform two songs and had been working on them since the new year started. However, her and her coach decided to swap one of the songs out a few weeks back for performance … Read More

First Voice Recital

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Sydney is always singing. She thinks she knows every song and isn’t afraid to jump in and quickly start singing along. Earlier in the spring, I challenged her. If you want to sing, let’s sing then. Nobody here really knew what that meant so we started asking around. Turns out a friend of mine at the gym of all places … Read More