My Dad Made Me Wear This

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Today, I am sporting some outfit my Dad bought for me.  He thought it was very funny. I also have a Latitude one that I will wear once I soil this one. If its not “I love my Mommy or Daddy”, its now this corporate crap. I just want to wear a Barney, Sponge Bob or Veggie Tales shirt! BTW, … Read More

Video of Grandparents

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Today, we are posting more video content. We have visits from Grandma Hakes and Grandma & Grandpa Coburn. 2003-05-17 — Meet the Grandparents from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Mother’s Day

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Well, Kim was a Mom on Mother’s Day. Although, Mom got no sleep last night. Sydney has her days and nights mixed up right now so we get to have fun with that. Dad took over in the early morning so everybody else could get some sleep. Sydney laid on the floor with me on a pillow while the dogs … Read More

Day 2

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Eat all night. Sleep all day. Isn’t that how the 80s rock song goes? Well, that is how Sydney is singing it. We think she woke up from her sleepy phase late last night. About every 20 minutes, she had something to say. She had a little choking late last night (normal) so we opted to put her in the … Read More