End of the Season

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I was a bad social media soccer parent this past season. I didn’t photo every game my kids played. Sorry fans and child who reads this later on. However, I tried to make up this weekend by getting some shots at the end of season tournament game. The team didn’t do well in the tournament. The actually lost all their … Read More

Fall Soccer 2016

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This was Sydney’s first season on a competitive team and it was a big learning experience. 3 days a week of practice plus games on the weekend. Lots of commitment and lots of training. I was excited to see our 8th grader get the opportunity to train at a higher level and see how she responds. This will prep her … Read More


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Sydney had a regular soccer game today. It was hot out. The kids were all dehydrated post game. So she went over and got a snowcone and we were walking to the car. The coach ran up to us. Help! We are short 2 kids for the next game. They were sick. We need Sydney to play. Sydney said, “Let’s … Read More


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We traveled to Wheat Ridge for the 2nd game of the season and Sydney’s career. Really warm morning for March. Sydney seemed to be a bit tired. I was hoping she would get her head in the game and apply her learnings from the past week of practices. She was playing forward so she was down field a lot. Her … Read More