Grandparents Day

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Sydney’s school held a special Grandparents Day today celebrating these old coots. Since Sydney’s Grandparents live 1000 miles away and I didn’t see an RV pull up this morning with them all, I figured I better attend and play substitute grandparent. This was a surprise for Sydney — I didn’t tell her I was going. Luckily, the first activity was … Read More


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Sydney had a cowboy/cowgirl celebration at school today. Turns out this is the first dress down day of the year — we think. I don’t miss my days in private school.

100 Days Smarter

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Sydney’s class has been counting every day of school. The big goal was to get to 100 days. And today is the day. She is now 100 days smarter — so that deserves a party! All the kids had to bring in various things symbolizing the number. Syd brought in 100 gummy bears. I tried to get an update on … Read More

Back to School – Kindergarten

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Preschool was so last year. This year, Sydney is in kindergarten! That’s real school! Learning all kinds of new things. Kindergarteners have to wear uniforms to school. Sydney was very excited about this. She thought the clothes that Kim got her were beautiful. I recall my sister and I hating every second of uniform life by the time high school … Read More