Talent Show 2012

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I am not sure what drives her yet but Sydney once again did a solo in the talent show. I don’t see her practice for these things like I think I would. She just gets up and does her thing.

Nation’s Day

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The month of October at our school is dedicated to educating the kids on different cultures. Each class picks a different country and learns everything there is to know about the cultures, geography, etc on their chosen country. This year Sydney’s class would be learning about Ancient Greece. I volunteered along with two other Moms to lead a Greek craft … Read More

Back to School – 3rd Grade

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This week was the first week back to school. In any other year in the past, this was a happy day for me. By the end of summer you really need a brake from having kids around nonstop. But, that wasn’t the case this year. I had a great summer with the kids and I enjoyed having them around. Its … Read More