Leadville Firecracker 5K 2016

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Distance 3.11 miles Time 37:04 Rank 131st It was Sydney vs. Reagan vs. Kayla vs. Dad at the annual 5K in Leadville. We were excited to run as a family but that went to hell as soon as the race started. Kayla took off and passed us all. But we caught her within a few blocks and then Sydney took … Read More

Mount Sanitas

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Previously. With Sydney in track for the first time this school year, running is becoming a priority. I know a little about it so I have been adding to her training on the weekends. An old local favorite was on tap this weekend. Building the legs on the ups and downs should help with the strength and speed. This was … Read More

Bolder Boulder 10k 2015

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Previously. For the past few years, we have been in Leadville for Memorial Day. That prevented me from running in the nation’s largest road race for the last few years. However, with the rains of late, we decided to stay on the Front Range. When Sydney heard that news, she told me she wanted to run the Bolder Boulder again … Read More


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At the school, they have a group called Landsharks Run Club that some parents volunteered to run. Kids practice a couple days a week and then have a track meet on the weekend. Kind of a way to introduce kids to running and track before the sports become available at a middle school age. I saw the invitation laying on … Read More

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2012

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Distance 2M Time 21:41 Pace 10:51 Rank 9th GPS Analysis Garmin Connect The whole family got up early (for us in the summer) and headed to Longmont High School for the annual race. They have 2 mile and a 10K running at about the same time. The kids line up for the 2M along with a host of other runners. … Read More