Oahu 2010

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We are back home after 3 plane flights. The girls all did great on the trip! Here is a slideshow of all the photos — with some you haven’t seen. Planning for Spring Break 2011 started already…wonder where to next!

Oahu – Day 7

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Last day – do something special! Gave the kids their choice of activites and after some voting, they came down to whale watching. It was the tail end of the season but they were still roaming the waters. So we set off on a lunchtime cruise on a big boat out towards Diamond Head in search of sea creatures. Nature … Read More

Oahu – Day 6

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After the swamp trauma settled, we went back to water that we knew Sydney would not try to walk across. Our favorite beach at Kuhio Beach was hopping with a fresh set of spring breakers. We grabbed our usual spot and let the kids enjoy a good long day of beach and ocean. But no matter how much fun Sydney … Read More

Oahu – Day 5

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We woke up to rain today. It happens here during this time of year. So we decided to make the best of it and head over to the North Shore to see what was going on over there. Maybe a chance of different weather but more likely a way to stay dry and see some sights. Made our way down … Read More

Oahu – Day 4

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After a good review the other day, we headed back down to Kuhio Beach Park for more sun and surf. The girls quickly got back down to the water and planned out their day. However, I had other plans. I had been watching all the dudes out on their boards for a few days now. I decided that a good … Read More