Mexican Spring Break

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Previously. We figured it was time for a return to Mexico after a long hiatus. Sydney visited this place in 2006 and there are lots of blog posts and pictures of a mini-Sydney enjoying the resort and parks we visited. Of course, she didn’t really remember any of it but it is still fun to take her there and reminisce … Read More

Towel Art

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Every evening when we returned to our room, a surprise was waiting on Sydney’s bed. Sydney would look at it for a minute or two and talk about the animal. Then she would attempt to move it and inspect it, which basically destroyed it.

Star Friends Winner

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At our hotel in Mexico, they had nightly entertainment. It started with a kid’s program. The kids would be invited on stage to dance and then play a game, then dance again. We had only been there a couple of nights and Sydney started really getting into this. So here are the kids on this night. See Sydney over on … Read More

Xel-Ha Is Cool!

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While in Mexico, we did a couple of excursions off the resort. The first was to Xel-Ha. Its pronounced “Shell Ha”. Its an ecological park. Its basically a big lagoon/bay off the ocean. All kinds of fish and wild life make there home back in it. Its a mix of fresh and ocean water. Apparently, the rivers in the area … Read More