Leadville Fish Hatchery

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Back at the cabin, one of the spots the kids had never visited was the Leadville Fish Hatchery. Established in 1889, is the second oldest Federally operated fish hatchery in existence today. Located on 3,072 acres near the city of Leadville, the hatchery’s subalpine forest surroundings with its cold, clean water supply and nearby source of native cutthroat trout populations … Read More

Leadville Camping with the Sandovals

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Brandon was hoping to get some more high altitude running in this summer before his big race. So I thought it would be a fun idea to invite our friends the Sandovals up to Leadville for a weekend camping trip to Silver Dollar. They had never been camping as a family before so we thought we’d show them how its … Read More

Return of the Brown Girl

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Aunt Natalee came into town this past weekend for a visit and a little jog. Soon after she arrived, we packed up the truck and headed to Leadville, Colorado for our weekend in the highest city in the USA. We went out to Turquoise Lake on arrival and the kids spent time splashing in the lake. The water is straight … Read More

Silver Dollar

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We went camping for 2 nights in a row this weekend. Sydney is a trooper. Perfect sleeper. She spent a lot of time running around the camp site pretending she was either Belle, Pocahontas, or some other Disney princess. In the mornings, she would be on the lookout for all her “animal friends” that were in the forest watching her. … Read More