Leadville Firecracker 5K 2016

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Distance 3.11 miles Time 37:04 Rank 131st It was Sydney vs. Reagan vs. Kayla vs. Dad at the annual 5K in Leadville. We were excited to run as a family but that went to hell as soon as the race started. Kayla took off and passed us all. But we caught her within a few blocks and then Sydney took … Read More

Leadville Zip Lines

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On the way into Leadville on highway 91, this establishment, Top of the Rockies, offers snowmobiling in the winter. A few summers ago, they built a zip line ride as well. I figured they saw my zip line creation and were trying to give me competition. Bring it! Kim decided enough was enough and booked us on a tour there. … Read More

Daughters of Anarchy – Leadville Chapter

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I don’t have boys but I have some tough girls. So when I saw a sale at the local store on these mini-motos, the rest was history. I actually bought just one and the fighting ensued…my turn! So we picked up another. Now, they ride the streets putting order and fear into the community. Please do not judge the footwear.

Leadville Boom Days

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After the Leadville Boom Days parade, we went over the to football field to participate in the kid’s games. Sydney’s age group had the sack race. We talked strategy as the boys went with the same event to see where to maximize. Then it was the girl’s turn. Sydney took off fast but was outgunned and off the podium. She … Read More

Mount Sherman #2 (14,036′)

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Distance 4.65 miles Moving Time 4 hr 21 min Summit Elevation 14,036 feet Elevation Gain 2,397 feet Route Iowa Gulch GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously. Given the success and fun we had last year on Sherman, Sydney was game to go again and escort Reagan up her first 14er. Sydney would lose the title as youngest Fuller up a 14er … Read More