Florida 2015

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For Thanksgiving break, we headed to Florida for some fun. The inspiration to divert from our usual Disneyland was Sydney’s love of Harry Potter. So we figured it was time to check out that new(ish) attraction.   But we started at Disney with a bunch of family. Finally!  Wearing a Harry Potter shirt no less. She got a wand immediately and … Read More

ThanksDisney 2010

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The 2nd half of our Florida vacation was spent at Disney. Its almost becoming an annual Thanksgiving tradition. We were in Disneyland 2 years ago so we figured we needed to see what Disney World had to offer for the holidays. The short answer: Disneyland does Christmas better. Anyway, back the rides! You can tell your kids have gotten older … Read More

My First Spring Break

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We made it! We arrived in Tampa last night after midnight. Going from Denver’s recent 9% humidity to 50% here in Florida is a huge difference. Unfortunately, today was a bit colder than average. All the locals are in sweatshirts but we thought it was still doable. We headed out to the fine sand beach for some sun. We are … Read More