Back To Eldora

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Taking Sydney back to Eldora seemed like a homecoming. Sydney learned to ski here! Well, after progressing up at other places near Leadville, we had an opportunity to ski back home this weekend. So we went up and tried to remember what Eldora had to offer. Quite the busy place for one. We never waited in line though even with … Read More

Big Day On The Slopes

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Previously. Natalee was ready for her 2nd day on the slopes after giving her butt a day to recover from what is snowboarding. Being that it was Saturday, I asked Sydney if she wanted to give it a go. In years past, skiing has been fun — for about an hour — with her. Lots of work to get a … Read More

My Visitors

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For weeks Daddy has been telling me that Aunt Natalee and Dohn were coming for a visit. But, each day I would wake up and they still weren’t here. Needless to say I was beginning to think he was making it all up. Then last week I was at school when to my surprise Aunt Natalee and Dohn were there … Read More

My Toes Are Cold

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I have been waiting and waiting to go skiing for the first time of the season. Its been too cold. I couldn’t take it anymore so we went today. Finally, my “create your own ski partner” was ready for action! I had her all bundled up at the car. Took forever. Finally ready to go and she said, “I have … Read More