Summer Fun @ Copper Mountain

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We spend a lot of weekends at Copper Mountain skiing in the winter. But it turns out they keep the place pretty busy in the summer too. Festivals and events are happening all the time. But during the weekdays it is nice and quiet and the kids love to go there and play. You can get a “summer season pass” … Read More


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Well, I tried to raise good kids. But then their Aunt Natalee came to town and polluted their minds with this “boarding” stuff. Skis aren’t good enough any more I guess. Next thing you know they will be getting tattoos and doing drugs. So I guess you have to try everything once… I guess all that skateboard practice is coming … Read More

Ski Weekend

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With a 4 day weekend and Natalee in town, the girls got some more time on the slopes. Part of me is still in disbelief that they ride the chairs by themselves. It was just a few years ago that I was clutching their coats the whole way up. Having fun yet? Break time! Sydney always has a bagel. The … Read More