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13th.  The demise of our household should begin shortly.  We surprised the birthday girl by having a life size cut-out of her boyfriend awaiting her downstairs.  Hi Thor! But there is always more Harry Potter stuff to be had. Some real loot!  A birthstone necklace.  Mom has hot on getting a real emerald for her. Just what every teen needs … Read More


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We are running out of pre-teen years here! Our oldest is now 12. I have had kids for a dozen years. That’s crazy. So we celebrate! This gift was a bit of a new angle but we decided that she would make good use of this device at various events. What kid doesn’t want a drone that you can attach … Read More

Happy 7th Birthday – The Party

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Can you believe our girl is 7? This year Sydney decided she wanted a sleepover for her birthday party. Given that she is only 7, I envisioned a bedtime riddled with tears as some of the girls wanted to go home. So instead we agreed on an after school party with all the girls from school and best bud Helene. … Read More

Happy 6th Birthday

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After the party last weekend, the birthday party continued. Sydney was “special person of the week” in school so she got to do fun stuff everyday at school. She had to do show-and-tell and bring in things that she wanted to show the kids. She decided that she wanted to show them some coins — so she took in proof … Read More

6th Birthday Party

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Sydney had her choice and decided that she wanted a “Dorothy” party at her gymnastics establishment. Dorothy — the one from Wizard of Oz. Go figure. Party room is ready to go! They started in the gym doing stretches. The gymnastics folks love to stretch. Boring! Let’s do something crazy! We had the rock wall all to ourselves as well … Read More