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For Sydney, one of the highlights of any Indiana trip is hanging out with Christian. They spent this day running around the yard for hours. Christian kept wanting to race Sydney all over the place. And Sydney is competitive and has been training a bit so Christian had his hands full. The start! Syd takes the lead. Dirty tactics employed … Read More

How’s Mimi?

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We are in Fort Wayne this week for a wedding on Saturday. One of our first visits was with Mimi, the girl’s great grandmother. This is the only great grandparent the kids have remaining. It is great that they are able to spend sometime getting to know her. The girls walked Mimi to dinner and were very interested in holding … Read More

Family Hike at Panorama Point

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Natalee and Kyle were set to leave this afternoon. The weather was supposed to be wet this morning but we awoke to sunny skies. Anyone want to hike? Figured Kyle thought we were nuts. Can’t we sit still? Uh, nope. So we packed up the kids, the dogs, and the guests and headed out for a quick hike. But some … Read More

Visiting Mimi

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We went and visited Sydney’s Great Grandmother, Mimi, over the holiday. I gave this 5-year old the camera and had her do the interview. Now, once I get her uploading the video my work is done.