School Talent Show

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At the end of each school year, Flagstaff Academy has a school wide talent show. You get all types up there doing their thing. No real rules other than you get 2 minutes as I am told. One kid rode a unicycle and did a Rubik’s cube at the same time. There was a 5th grade band that covered Ozzy … Read More

First Voice Recital

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Sydney is always singing. She thinks she knows every song and isn’t afraid to jump in and quickly start singing along. Earlier in the spring, I challenged her. If you want to sing, let’s sing then. Nobody here really knew what that meant so we started asking around. Turns out a friend of mine at the gym of all places … Read More

Oh Rats

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The kids all decided that they wanted their own pets this Christmas. I gave in figuring it would be some lesson in responsibility or life and death. So Sydney, what animal do you want? A cat? A guinea pig? A ferret? Nope. I want rats! Rats! So it turns out that rats are actually the smartest small pet. They really … Read More

Sydney Turns Eight

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This year Sydney is turning eight on May 8th. According to her second grade class this means that this year was her golden birthday. While this is exciting news, Sydney was a bit disappointed that her golden birthday has come so quickly in her life. Her other friends all have theirs in their twenties. Apparently this is much better. Why, … Read More