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Sydney got new underwear! Yeah. Worth a blog post? Sure. Check out the package. Gotta love the stamp in the lower right. Its like a challenge to me. These underwear will NOT prevent me from giving Sydney a wedgie when and where I desire.

No Way

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Sydney is watching Willy Wonka (new one) on Disney Channel right now. I told her that the guy that play Willy is Jack Sparrow. No way! She doesn’t believe me. I totally just blew her mind.


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Well, Mom wasn’t feeling too well lately. So before we headed out on our trip to see the Coburns this weekend, she thought she should take a test. The symptoms seemed familiar. She had seen them before. So, we watched in anticipation as the stick showed that Kim is pregnant! This was a total surprise. We figured everyone checks out … Read More

Hairy Baby

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No, this is not Sydney. Merced the cat likes to sleep in Sydney’s crib during the day for some reason. You might see other cats in the webcam from time to time. I guess it provides some entertainment because Syd does not like to be in her crib during the day. Maybe I should move the camera to Sydney’s play … Read More

Baby Shower Gifts

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So we got all these cool gifts for Sydney’s baby shower last year, but nobody got us this. Finally, fatherhood made easy!