Brown’s Canyon

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Sometimes our summer activities are limited by the ages and weights of the children. This activity has been on our todo list for a long time. We pass Brown’s Canyon every time we head to the hot springs and dreamt of the day we can get the kids on the water. The minimum age for class III rapids at about … Read More

Adventure Park

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Just down the road from our cabin, there is a ropes course called Brown’s Canyon Adventure Park.  It is a fun diversion right off the highway.  It costs about $55 and takes 2.5 hours to go through the whole course.  My kids love this kind of stuff so we made a morning of it. They have 6 different adventures/courses that … Read More

Florida 2015

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For Thanksgiving break, we headed to Florida for some fun. The inspiration to divert from our usual Disneyland was Sydney’s love of Harry Potter. So we figured it was time to check out that new(ish) attraction.   But we started at Disney with a bunch of family. Finally!  Wearing a Harry Potter shirt no less. She got a wand immediately and … Read More

Mexican Spring Break

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Previously. We figured it was time for a return to Mexico after a long hiatus. Sydney visited this place in 2006 and there are lots of blog posts and pictures of a mini-Sydney enjoying the resort and parks we visited. Of course, she didn’t really remember any of it but it is still fun to take her there and reminisce … Read More

Game Numero Uno

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After sitting on the sidelines at Reagan’s games last year, Sydney decided to give the soccer academy a try over the winter. She enjoyed it. So when spring rolled around, we asked the big question — are you going to join a league? Yes! She is on a recreational travel team. Twelve year old girls. First game was today and … Read More