Freshman Year Diving Season

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November 2017 – February 2018 Starting off the season I didn’t really know what to expect. Competitive High School Diving is a lot different then the 10 person dive meets held at our local pool. All the schools in my high school’s district have small dive teams that all practice together with a District Coach then compete separately. I ended … Read More

RV: Western Slope

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Traveled out to the Western Slope (That’s Colorado for the west side of our state) in the RV for the next adventure.  Stopped at our favorite town on the way — Glenwood Springs.  Been going to this pool forever.  Always enjoy it.  We go to small hot springs more often but you gotta go to the world’s largest in the … Read More

RV: Montana

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For the final leg of the trip, we went up to Montana to visit some friends. We stopped in Bozeman at some really nice hot springs for one night. Then went up to Helena. Montana had a Colorado vibe to it — but more country. Probably how where we live was before all the people (like us) showed up.  We … Read More

RV: Yellowstone

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The kids enjoyed this park a lot. So much to see. Such different things. No place on earth like it. Oh, and there were the late night bike rides into town to Dairy Queen wherein weird stuff happened…