RV: Grand Tetons

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Time for the first real RV trip! We had the destinations picked out long before the RV was a reality. So now it was time to pack up and head northwest to…Wyoming? While much of Wyoming is a big vast nothingness, the NW corner packs some of the best landscape in the United States. And there it appeared on the … Read More

Bang Bang

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Sydney is on this forensic anthropology track.  She is going into a medical program specializing in forensics for high school.  She watches every crime show on TV.  I figure she will work for the FBI.  But there was a missing piece.  All the FBI agents I see on TV carry guns.  So we better check that one off the bucket … Read More

RV Life

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This spring we decided as a family that we needed to hit the road a bit more. When we started going to Leadville, we only went to Leadville. It is nice to have a home base in the mountains but it closes your mind to anything that is too far from home. So we started looking at campers. We shopped … Read More

End of the Season

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I was a bad social media soccer parent this past season. I didn’t photo every game my kids played. Sorry fans and child who reads this later on. However, I tried to make up this weekend by getting some shots at the end of season tournament game. The team didn’t do well in the tournament. The actually lost all their … Read More


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After switching schools at the start of middle school, 3 years has flown by. Suddenly, we are sitting at a graduation ceremony watching this group of kids get ready to separate and head out to various high schools. Sydney seems pretty proud and maybe a bit overwhelmed at all the goings on. There she is on stage getting her diploma. … Read More