End of the Season

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I was a bad social media soccer parent this past season. I didn’t photo every game my kids played. Sorry fans and child who reads this later on. However, I tried to make up this weekend by getting some shots at the end of season tournament game. The team didn’t do well in the tournament. The actually lost all their … Read More


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After switching schools at the start of middle school, 3 years has flown by. Suddenly, we are sitting at a graduation ceremony watching this group of kids get ready to separate and head out to various high schools. Sydney seems pretty proud and maybe a bit overwhelmed at all the goings on. There she is on stage getting her diploma. … Read More

Talent Show

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At the end of each school year, they have a talent show. Sydney sang a solo in the prior year and got 2nd place. This year she paired up with her friend, Ester, to sing a duet. They had a few technical difficulties but that is what you get with live shows. Always a challenge to get up in front … Read More