School Talent Show

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At the end of each school year, Flagstaff Academy has a school wide talent show. You get all types up there doing their thing. No real rules other than you get 2 minutes as I am told. One kid rode a unicycle and did a Rubik’s cube at the same time. There was a 5th grade band that covered Ozzy … Read More


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13th.  The demise of our household should begin shortly.  We surprised the birthday girl by having a life size cut-out of her boyfriend awaiting her downstairs.  Hi Thor! But there is always more Harry Potter stuff to be had. Some real loot!  A birthstone necklace.  Mom has hot on getting a real emerald for her. Just what every teen needs … Read More

First Track Meet

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Seems like we haven’t had any “firsts” in a while. But got one here. Sydney joined track at school this year. She opted not to last year because of soccer but this year she is pulling them both off. They practice M, Tu, W, Th. And she has soccer on M & W — so its a double header those … Read More

Spring Break 2016

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Meanwhile in Hawaii, Sydney was all about how dark she could get. Spending 2 weeks in a bathing suit really helps. We call Sydney our selfie queen.  I gave her the GoPro and found dozens like this.  I guess it makes my job easier. At the snorkeling hole. Random shot waiting for Dad to finish snorkeling I guess. Sydney’s photo … Read More