Fall Soccer 2016

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Soccer Fall 2016

This was Sydney’s first season on a competitive team and it was a big learning experience. 3 days a week of practice plus games on the weekend. Lots of commitment and lots of training. I was excited to see our 8th grader get the opportunity to train at a higher level and see how she responds. This will prep her better for high school sports and the rigors of those programs.

Overall, her team didn’t do so well record wise. Losing the majority of the games. However, we are here to learn right now…says the coach. You could see the team improving from game to game. There is real strategy being deployed at this level and it takes time to develop.

Sydney spent a lot of the season in the back of the field on defense but then later got moved up. It was a good taste of a few different spots on the field. They are starting to really peg them to where they are good at around this level and have them stick to that spot.

Now it is time for diving over the winter but Sydney will be back with the same team in the spring for the final season of pre-high school soccer. Should be a blast!