School Talent Show

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At the end of each school year, Flagstaff Academy has a school wide talent show. You get all types up there doing their thing. No real rules other than you get 2 minutes as I am told. One kid rode a unicycle and did a Rubik’s cube at the same time. There was a 5th grade band that covered Ozzy Osbourne. Oh, another kid doing a Rubik’s cube but on a pogo stick. Gymnasts. Singers. Piano. Whatever you got, bring it.

Sydney just watched last year and told us she wanted to sing at this thing next year. Right around this time, I found out a friend at my gym was a vocal coach and we put the two of them together. So I guess it has been a year in the making. Tonight was Sydney’s turn. She picked the song and had been practicing for the last few weeks. She thought a Bruno Mars song would be the right thing to do.

Sydney Talent Show

It was held outside in the court yard this year. Kind of nice because I think it knocked the edge of having a whole crowd stare at you from bleachers when held inside. Here she goes!

Always a few things to work on but she really did well. Compared to the other singers who went you could sort of tell she knew how to do it. She had strength in her voice where the other singers that preceded her were quiet and a bit shy. I wished she would have grabbed the mic and moved but she was thrown off by the mic stand and cord I guess.

Awards were shortly after and…

School Talent Show

2nd place! I think she was thrilled. Her friends all were very excited and screamed when she won. The first prize went to a gymnast. Talent shows are so random. Oh well.

I think was the coolest single prize she ever won on her own! See kids…do the work, win the prize.

School Talent Show