First Track Meet

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Seems like we haven’t had any “firsts” in a while. But got one here. Sydney joined track at school this year. She opted not to last year because of soccer but this year she is pulling them both off. They practice M, Tu, W, Th. And she has soccer on M & W — so its a double header those nights. This below was the first meet they had this season. Sydney has been having a good time and learning some new skills. At this meet, she was up for the 2x200m relay, the long jump, 1600m (1 mile), and the 200m hurdles. Sounds like an action packed evening!

Here we go with the relay.  Baton in hand.  One of the first events of the night so everyone was fresh.


In the mile, Sydney got a side stitch on lap 3 and that sort of did her in.  Too bad.  That was the event she was most excited about.  Here she is with that final kick down the home stretch.


You get 3 attempts at the long jump.  Well, more like a “short jump” for her.  She isn’t really grasping this event.


Here is a video of the 200m hurdles.  She started strong but then really slowed down.  I gotta hand it to her.  I would be afraid of eating pavement the whole time.

Finally, I made video of that 1600m that didn’t go so well.  It was fun for me to yell at her as she went by.  But I was sort of laughing inside.  I finally get to watch instead of being the runner.

Big district meet coming up this weekend!