Regional STEM Fair

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Regional STEM Fair

Last year, Sydney did a robotics project for her school STEM fair and it won and she got to go to regionals at the University of Colorado. It was a big deal being that it was first year at a STEM school and first project ever.

Now it has been another year and it was time for another project. A parent’s worst nightmare. You would think. Luckily, Sydney is self motivated and the school keeps them on task by breaking the project into milestones. I personally never even knew what project she was doing until we had to take the board to school for judging.

Sydney had interviewed some folks with arthritis and found that there wasn’t a solution on the market for holding a heating or cooling pad in place in certain areas while sleeping. She developed and built a prototype which kind of looked like a sling that held the pad in place near your shoulder while you slept.

Turns out it was a hit and Sydney won and moved on to the regional STEM fair at the University of Colorado once again. 2 for 2!

She didn’t bring home any additional awards from that show but the competition gets pretty stiff at that point. Kids are building prototypes of stuff that large companies are contemplating.

A great experience once again and we were so proud of Sydney for getting it done, presenting it well, and being recognized once again.