Spring Voice Recital 2016

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Already time for another recital! This one was a little early because the studio was preparing to send kids to competition soon. Sydney had a chance to perform two songs and had been working on them since the new year started. However, her and her coach decided to swap one of the songs out a few weeks back for performance … Read More

Mount Sanitas

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Previously. With Sydney in track for the first time this school year, running is becoming a priority. I know a little about it so I have been adding to her training on the weekends. An old local favorite was on tap this weekend. Building the legs on the ups and downs should help with the strength and speed. This was … Read More

Regional STEM Fair

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Previously. Last year, Sydney did a robotics project for her school STEM fair and it won and she got to go to regionals at the University of Colorado. It was a big deal being that it was first year at a STEM school and first project ever. Now it has been another year and it was time for another project. … Read More


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Well, I tried to raise good kids. But then their Aunt Natalee came to town and polluted their minds with this “boarding” stuff. Skis aren’t good enough any more I guess. Next thing you know they will be getting tattoos and doing drugs. So I guess you have to try everything once… I guess all that skateboard practice is coming … Read More