Indiana Summer Trip

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The kids took their first trip to Indiana without parents to visit family this past summer. I can’t really say what went on because I was a 1,000 miles away. Maybe they will share some stories in the comments. The kids had a great time and said they would go back.

Leadville Zip Lines

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On the way into Leadville on highway 91, this establishment, Top of the Rockies, offers snowmobiling in the winter. A few summers ago, they built a zip line ride as well. I figured they saw my zip line creation and were trying to give me competition. Bring it! Kim decided enough was enough and booked us on a tour there. … Read More

Avid 4 Adventure Camp

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Another year back at camp. I have lost track of how many years in a row the girls have done this one. This year was kind of neat as The North Face was doing product testing with the kids. They outfitted the kids on Monday and asked the kids to test the gear all week. Clothes, shoes, packs, etc. The … Read More

Meghan Trainor @ Fillmore

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A Fuller family concert event! We arrived to a record long line. I think everybody shows up on time for these pop shows versus my shows where you stroll in late to be cool. Line wrapped around the block and back on itself. We made due. We moved around during the entire night. From the balcony, to the floor, to … Read More