First Voice Recital

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Sydney is always singing. She thinks she knows every song and isn’t afraid to jump in and quickly start singing along. Earlier in the spring, I challenged her. If you want to sing, let’s sing then. Nobody here really knew what that meant so we started asking around. Turns out a friend of mine at the gym of all places is a vocal coach. Interesting. So would he take a new student? They were pretty full at first and my kid was starting from scratch. He usually deals with kids who have been active in theater a bit and are now looking to get on the right track. We wanted to start early so we signed up and weekly lessons began.

At first, it was learning how to breath. I guess most of us do that wrong right off the bat. That was about all I could follow. But the practicing continued. I could hear it. All. The. Time. Now maybe if she was practicing Metallica, I wouldn’t have wrote it like that. But hey.

Finally at the end of each semester the studio has a recital. Family and friends attend. It is chance for these kids to perform with a little less pressure versus an audition. But Sydney treated it like one! We kept telling her not to be too nervous but how could you not be. I was nervous for her. She got dressed up and went on stage. About 6th in the line-up. Here it is!

Pretty great for a first timer! She seemed pretty frustrated about that miss at the end of the first song. But hey, she missed and didn’t she didn’t die of embarrassment. Got that feeling out of the way. It will only get better from here.

We also enjoyed the performances from the other students, especially the high schoolers. Gave us as parents a glimpse of where this can go for Sydney over the next few years if this is indeed her passion.

Thanks again to Reedy Studio for making this a reality for our daughter.

We are so proud of you Sydney!