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Sydney had a regular soccer game today. It was hot out. The kids were all dehydrated post game. So she went over and got a snowcone and we were walking to the car. The coach ran up to us. Help! We are short 2 kids for the next game. They were sick. We need Sydney to play. Sydney said, “Let’s go!”. I was proud of her for stepping up and helping. So the game starts and I can’t find Syd. Suddenly, we notice she is in goal. Uh. She has never played goalie before. This ought to be good. She stopped a ton of shots. Let one by in the first half. She was doing great! At the half, the coach gave her the opportunity to swap and she stayed on. In the 2nd half, they switched sides and the coach was closer to her and having her play up for a bit. This didn’t go as well. A few shots made on her. But everyone said she did awesome and was excited to see her get out there and do it in only her 2nd season!

The coach sent out an email after the game that included this:

Finally, to placate any player concerns that they may be too tired to do a second game I wanted to share, for those not there at the second game, how Sydney helped us yesterday. I asked her to play in goal and she clearly was pretty nervous as she had never played there before. I told her to simply go out and have fun and don’t worry if she made any mistakes. Well, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say she stole the show even though there were some other amazing performances. We stopped midway through each half so the girls could get some water and after the first 12 minute stop she did not want to come out. She played in goal the entire game and had a blast!

Who knows where she might play next game!