Meghan Trainor @ Fillmore

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A Fuller family concert event!

Meghan Trainor Concert

We arrived to a record long line. I think everybody shows up on time for these pop shows versus my shows where you stroll in late to be cool. Line wrapped around the block and back on itself. We made due. We moved around during the entire night. From the balcony, to the floor, to the front, to the back. Just giving the kids different spaces. Up front was good but it is hard on little people. The whole place is standing only so they can’t see crap unless you hold them up. Which Kim and I did! We traded between Reagan and Kayla the whole time. Exhausting.

Meghan Trainor Concert

The show was good. Live band. Decent crowd. I liked it. I even knew a few songs by osmosis so I wasn’t lost the whole time. I enjoy the concert atmosphere and production so as long as your music doesn’t suck, I can enjoy myself. However, Kayla was about done come the encore. She was ready to go. It is a long time for a 5 year old without a seat. But she had a great time and I am glad we all got to see a show as a family.

Meghan Trainor

A little “All About The Bass” from the balcony…