Dive Meet

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Sydney had a soccer game today. As soon as it was over, we got her off the field and into the car. She had a dive meet across town! She did 5 dives. She was a bit splashy today. A little off the mark. She was diving against kids in the advanced level today. She is still in intermediate. She … Read More

Volbeat @ Broomfield

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I saw the last Volbeat show they did in the US back in Las Vegas last year. Since then, then have been on hiatus. Tonight, they returned to the US for their headlining tour and the first stop was Denver. Do I have rock karma or what? They played in Broomfield which means it is an all ages show unlike … Read More

Mexican Spring Break

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Previously. We figured it was time for a return to Mexico after a long hiatus. Sydney visited this place in 2006 and there are lots of blog posts and pictures of a mini-Sydney enjoying the resort and parks we visited. Of course, she didn’t really remember any of it but it is still fun to take her there and reminisce … Read More