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We traveled to Wheat Ridge for the 2nd game of the season and Sydney’s career. Really warm morning for March. Sydney seemed to be a bit tired. I was hoping she would get her head in the game and apply her learnings from the past week of practices. She was playing forward so she was down field a lot. Her team was keeping the ball on the opponent’s side a lot. Suddenly on one play, the ball game across the ball and the goalie was off guard. There was Sydney with 5 blues around her but no whites to help her out. The only obvious play? Kick it in the goal!


It happened pretty quick so I almost wasn’t sure if it happened. But then Sydney’s arms rose up and I heard her cheering for herself and I knew it happened. The first goal! Pretty excited for her. Coming into the sport and being able to make a play hopefully builds her confidence.


That was the last goal of the game. They won 3-0. They were excited and so were we. Plenty of stuff to work on still but it was fun to see her be so proud.