Invention Show Down

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Last weekend, Sydney traveled to the University of Colorado for the next round of her STEM project competition. The winners got on a bus from school and traveled to Boulder. They got to tour the astrophysics lab and learn about a particle accelerator. Something about watching them shoot a piece of dust and making an explosion. Whatever it was, she thought it was cool.


Sydney was texting us pictures throughout the day. She seemed very excited and proud to be there. She was cruising through the judging. You needed to get 4 judges to visit your project. She said 13 of 15 judges came over! She kept working it. Incorporating the Q and A from one judge into the presentation for the next job. Very clever.


She thought she did well and was eagerly awaiting the results the next day at school. However, she was told that she did not place on the list we received via email. No invitation to the awards ceremony the next day. She cried. Ah, we told her we were proud of her. She went a long way for a 6th grader on her first attempt.


On Monday, she was back to normal and walked into school where the principal congratulated her on getting 3rd place. Uh, what? Turns out she tied for 3rd place overall in the Junior (non High School) category under Engineering. Possibly because of the tie she was left off the initial list of winners. Kim approached the administration of the fair but they said it was an honest mistake. Her award would be delivered to school. Sorry. Drat. As a parent, that was kind of a heart breaker. She cared a lot only to be passed over on the opportunity to get some recognition.

The award hasn’t arrived yet so their might be one more post if that is photo worthy. Sydney is now done on the project. Back to being a typical pre-teen, until she has to invent again!