I Wanna Be A

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If your kids are like mine, they randomly get concerned with what they are going to be when they grow up. It is like they think the movie/book Divergent is real and there will be a day where they cut themselves and decide. Luckily, there are opportunities to explore along the way. We attended a career fair at Flagstaff tonight. … Read More

Mead Cheer Camp

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The girls returned to the Mead Cheer Camp this week after having a great time last season. Who wouldn’t want to dance in front of a crowd? 2 practices then it was the half-time show of the big game. Katy Perry couldn’t touch this! Check out the video below.

Dive Meet

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Sydney has been continuing in dive class. Making her way up the ladder through more complicated dives and gaining mastery. Still in intermediate level. This was the first meet of the season down in Aurora. She was excited to compete. Here is a video of one of the dives. She ended up in 2nd place for her division. Another ribbon … Read More