First Voice Recital

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Sydney is always singing. She thinks she knows every song and isn’t afraid to jump in and quickly start singing along. Earlier in the spring, I challenged her. If you want to sing, let’s sing then. Nobody here really knew what that meant so we started asking around. Turns out a friend of mine at the gym of all places … Read More

Winter Dance 2015

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So the other night, Sydney goes, “I have a dance on Friday night and I need a dress.” WTF? Kim is in bed with her recovery from surgery. So I take the kid Saturday morning to 3 different stores. She doesn’t know what she wants. She doesn’t know where to get it. She doesn’t know what size she is. Later … Read More

Florida 2015

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For Thanksgiving break, we headed to Florida for some fun. The inspiration to divert from our usual Disneyland was Sydney’s love of Harry Potter. So we figured it was time to check out that new(ish) attraction.   But we started at Disney with a bunch of family. Finally!  Wearing a Harry Potter shirt no less. She got a wand immediately and … Read More


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Sydney had a regular soccer game today. It was hot out. The kids were all dehydrated post game. So she went over and got a snowcone and we were walking to the car. The coach ran up to us. Help! We are short 2 kids for the next game. They were sick. We need Sydney to play. Sydney said, “Let’s … Read More