Back to School – 6th Grade

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That time of year again! However, this time we have lots more going on. Reagan and Sydney changed schools. That means new schedules, new class, new friends, and new dress code. The school is the top rated science and technology school in our area. And is pretty awesome at everything else to. From the sounds of it, they will be … Read More

Daughters of Anarchy – Leadville Chapter

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I don’t have boys but I have some tough girls. So when I saw a sale at the local store on these mini-motos, the rest was history. I actually bought just one and the fighting ensued…my turn! So we picked up another. Now, they ride the streets putting order and fear into the community. Please do not judge the footwear.

Leadville Boom Days

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After the Leadville Boom Days parade, we went over the to football field to participate in the kid’s games. Sydney’s age group had the sack race. We talked strategy as the boys went with the same event to see where to maximize. Then it was the girl’s turn. Sydney took off fast but was outgunned and off the podium. She … Read More