Back To Eldora

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Taking Sydney back to Eldora seemed like a homecoming. Sydney learned to ski here! Well, after progressing up at other places near Leadville, we had an opportunity to ski back home this weekend. So we went up and tried to remember what Eldora had to offer. Quite the busy place for one. We never waited in line though even with the parking lot full. Spent the day traversing nearly the whole place checking out runs.

Ski Eldora

The added bonus was that we met up with one of Sydney’s classmates, Julia. My kids never really get to ski with friends so this was a perfect chance for the girls to be girls. The morning had some good skiing in it but by afternoon, they were just doing weird things like skiing baby hills and crashing into trees for fun.

Ski Eldora

A good day on the skis all around and it was fun to hit something different for a change. Sydney wore the camera all day. Here is a long video of her doing her thing.