Oh Rats

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The kids all decided that they wanted their own pets this Christmas. I gave in figuring it would be some lesson in responsibility or life and death. So Sydney, what animal do you want? A cat? A guinea pig? A ferret? Nope. I want rats! Rats! So it turns out that rats are actually the smartest small pet. They really … Read More

My First Dance

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Middle School. Time for the holiday dance. Whoa! This is Sydney’s first dance. I told her to be sure and make out with at least 2 boys or she was a loser. She promised she wouldn’t be doing that. Guess my reverse psychology worked. But I caught her prepping on Instagram with this picture. I dropped her off with a … Read More


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We did a tough thing this year moving Sydney to a different school. But its worked out very well. Kim and I had a feeling this school could offer her more. So when the most recent Colorado School Grades report card came out ranking all middle schools in the state came out, we were sure we would be in a … Read More


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Sydney decided to make some cookies in her Easy Bake oven at the cabin. I said “Great! I would love one”. This is what I got served. This is BEFORE I ate it. It was disgusting. We later learned all the stuff they did wrong, such as not mixing the batter.