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Reagan was sick so Sydney and I went solo today. I think it was a good opportunity for Sydney since she is usually having to wait on Reagan these days. This allowed us to explore some other parts of the mountain and pick up a little more speed. Sydney picked up some poles this week so we was excited to … Read More

Rock Climbing

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AHG did a rock climbing outing at an indoor climbing gym. Sydney turned into Spiderwoman and was climbing up everything she could find. Even some routes that were unroped!

Chasing Sydney

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Sydney skied solo a lot this weekend as Reagan is just getting up to speed. She would fly down the mountain in front of us and then spend 15 minutes standing there waiting for us to get down. But she always waited because she wanted to ride the lift back up with Reagan. So on our last run of the … Read More

Ski Cooper

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A productive first weekend of the 2013 ski season with my chicas. I dropped my pole off the lift minutes after this photo and had to go retrieve it solo. The girls headed down another route by themselves and I joined them later. Crazy…I remember when they couldn’t ski. Probably more proud of this than teaching them how to ride … Read More