Nations Day 2012

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Today was the annual Nations Day celebration at our school. Its always one of the favorite days of the year for the kiddos. And Mom too. The entire month of October is spent studying everything there is to know about one Nation around the world. Along with their regular studies of course. This year Sydney studied the country of India. I signed up to help Sydney’s class with the days activities. This meant creating crafts, games, and lunch for the kids. Which meant I would be with her class pretty much the entire day. Reagan’s class didn’t need much parent involvement but I was able to sneak in here and there to see how her day was going as well. Each class also performs a skit of sorts about their country in front of the entire school and the parents.

I didn’t know too much about Indian crafts so this took a bit of research on my end. Luckily I was able to find some pretty cute ideas. We made Rangoli designs out of colored rice. These designs are usually painted in entryways to greet visitors.


We also made lanterns for the festival of lights, peacock origami, and drew Henna on the kids hands. It was a fun day and the crafts all turned out great. Another Mom volunteered to run the games so that was a large weight off of my shoulders. I again enjoyed spending the day the Syd and her classmates.

For the class presentations the kids each designed their own elephant mask which are common in Indian parades. Sydney took this project seriously and created her mask entirely on her own in her bedroom. Turned out great.


Here is her class all dressed up for their presentation.


Before the presentations began I always go around and snap photos of the kids in their costumes for the end of year memory books. As I came around to Sydney she did this and made me take a photo. Not sure what this is all about but later that night I found Miss Sydney printing out the photo, precede to cut it into a heart shape and then tape it to her desk. Thinking there is more to this story.


Sydney loves being in the spotlight and was happy to be chosen to be in the center of a few different parts of her dance.


After the presentations Sydney’s reading buddy came by for a tour of the classroom decor. the kids had been making various Indian crafts all month and were happy to share them with their friends.


The final event of the day is always the Parade of Nations. Parents line the play yard to cheer on the Nations. Always a fun filled day for the school.


Video of the presentation.