Archery Clinic

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Part of being in the older Explorer Unit of AHG means that you area able to participate in more “High Adventure” activities. We have too many rules to follow as a troop. But, I understand the need for caution. Anyway, I had put together an Archery event for the Explorers. We had found this awesome Archery teacher, Tom, who is training for the Olympic Archery Team. Tom was great at going through our badge work and going above and beyond to make sure the girls could earn their badge. With all the recent archery movies this sport is really rising in popularity so we had a huge turnout for our event. Just wish the weather would have cooperated a bit more. It was cold with a constant mist.

The girls were broken up into teams and lined up ready to shoot. Tom first went over all the safety requirements before teaching them how to load and shoot. Tom is a true believer in learning with a true recurve bow. There are all sorts of new compact bows with levers and gadgets. I liked this style much better.


Our targets were tacked up onto some haystacks. Simple enough set up. The first few shots were pretty wild but after about 2 or 3 shots they were all hitting the target. We learned that archery is by far a women’s sport. Women are much better shooters and hold all the records. Go Girls!


Tom gave each girl some good one on one time to perfect their style. He was great. Here he is with Syd below. She was so unsure of herself but with just a little coaching she was ecstatic to shoot.


Just look at my girl!


We learned that the most common injuries occur as you are taking your arrows out of the target. We learned to stand to the side of the arrows as you pull them out. Or else you will pull it out and stab yourself in the leg. Tom has done this as a kid and still has the scars. Another common injury is to walk up to the target and bend over to grab a lower arrow and poke yourself in the eye with a higher arrow. Again very common. Another was walking while holding your arrows pointing up, trip and stab self. Tom taught the girls to hold their arrows like a bouquet of flowers. See pic below.


What did Sydney think of archery. She absolutely loved it and wants a bow of her own. I’d have to say that I thought it looked awesome too. Its oddly fun to shoot a bow. We just might have to spend some more time on this sport.