YMCA of the Rockies Horseback

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Sydney has been begging for another horse ride since we held our last AHG horse clinic. I’m always up for some horse time so I was excited to join in. We had heard about a great stable in Rocky Mountain National Park at the YMCA of the Rockies Camp. So I booked us a 2 hour ride.


We got all saddled up and were ready to go. It was a “follow the leader” leader trail ride which was a little sad. But, we had LOTS of opportunities to trot which was awesome. Sydney and I both giggled our way through most of the trotting.


There were several bridges to pass on your way to the National Park.


Early into the ride we started to see these guys scattered everywhere. They had no fear of the horses and just watched us pass. It really added to the adventure to see some wildlife.


Half way through we headed up this hill called pee break climb. I soon saw why as every horse preceded to stop and pee while we climbed. Kinda became funny after awhile.


More herds along the way.


Here’s me on my horse just to prove I was indeed there.


What did she think? Again Mom, please! Don’t have to ask me twice. I’ll take this kid anytime. It was a great mother daughter event which I’ll always treasure. But, in the future I will not ride behind Syd. Let’s just say her ride, Dutchess, had an enormous amount of gas. All of which was directed in my direction. Funny at first, but got old fast! Syd just thought it was hilarious.


On the way out of town I didn’t want our day to end so we hit the shops of Estes Park. Another favorite past time of Syd’s. If you are into animal carcasses this store is for you. Freaky to say the least. And the smell inside is just one you’ll have to experience for yourselves. Frankly I don’t get this. The live version is so much more majestic.