Mushroom Farm

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We have long noticed that our land in Leadville is quite different then Longmont. Its spongy, dry, and won’t grow anything but pine trees. We’ve tried wildflowers but they were a no go. Anyway, we are spending the long fall weekend in Leadville. Upon arrival Sydney noticed some odd formations in the dirt. Her detective skills kicked in and she quickly unearthed this lurking just beneath the soil. Cool!


But, wait! There are more.


Lots more!


And several different kinds.


Our mushroom detective was on the hunt for mushrooms. She searched our entire 3 acres and the amount of mushrooms was amazing. This kid has a knack for this kind of thing,


We thought this looked like a perfect little smurf village.


In other news: Baby tree is getting bigger. Pretty soon she’ll be taller then Sydney. I can’t wait to see how fast she grows!