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Since the girls her age have started this trend, we knew the day would eventually come. I tried to put it off a bit just to use it as a carrot to get my way on things. We had plenty of fun in the meantime preparing her by telling her how it might hurt, how she might bleed to death, and how they give away free tongue piercings too. None of these swayed her from her goal. So as soon as our last pool visit of the summer was over, we headed over to a proper piercing establishment. Don’t use a piercing gun on yourself or your kids. Let the fun begin!

Sydney Gets Pierced

The nerves were kicking in a bit while she was picking out the earrings and then got in the chair. Kim suddenly said she felt bad for making Sydney nervous a bit in the weeks prior. Oops. But the piercer was way into making Sydney comfortable and did a great job. She quickly turned into a giddy kid and she didn’t even feel a thing! See for yourself.

The finished product!

Sydney Gets Pierced