Grandpa Visits and RMCA Day

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Grandpa Coburn is here again for his annual visit. We started the visit out with some good ole fashion playground time. The girls are always happy to have someone new to show off their abilities to. And Grandpa is more then happy to give them their due “Oohs and Aahs.” Papa, Papa, look at me! The main reason for the … Read More

Old Mill Park

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Today, was another field trip for the 3rd grade. Our adventure today would take place at the local Old Mill Park. Its an old historic park located in the heart of Longmont. Its so small we never even knew this place existed. But, the volunteers and the few exhibits they do have really made for an interesting day. The first … Read More

Happy 9th Birthday!

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Today our girl is 9. Hard to believe. Although just by looking at her you can tell she is getting big. Not sure if this is a good thing or not? I hear the “talking back” starts soon. Not my girl, right? The big gift this year is Lego Friends. Apparently Lego finally figured out that they are missing a … Read More

Year End Ceremony

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Today was our year end ceremony for our American Heritage Girls Troop. Sydney was awarded with several badges. Our troop also earned the Honor Troop Award which we were very proud of. As well as our HUGS patch which means we completed at least 3 service projects this year. Good to know we are doing a good job with these … Read More