Leadville with Helene

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We were heading up to our cabin for Memorial Day as usual. I was at home packing up our things when I heard Sydney and her friend Helene whispering away in the corner. They had a plan. “Mom can Helene come to the cabin with us this weekend?” It has always been the plan to take friends to the cabin so why not. Sounds like a plan.

We got in late Friday night after a dinner at the Macaroni Grill and the girls went straight to bed. The next morning the weather was nice. A little cool but good for the spring in Leadville. We decided to show Helene our beloved Turquoise Lake. Spring time at the lake is so weird. It is filled throughout the spring with snow melt. Its usually not until sometime in mid June until the lake is full. Until then its a weird moon like environment with streams flowing and filling the crater. You literally get to walk along the bottom of the lake. As the streams fill the lake bottom various small “islands” are formed. All of which makes perfect exploration time for the kiddos.



My girls waste no time throwing off their shows and wading through the freezing cold water. They are weird. I warned Helene against this insane behavior but she jumped right in with her friends. Although I will give her credit. Once was more then enough for her.


We posed for a couple more shots before heading deeper into the crater.



The girls found some larger mounds to climb and butt slide down. The mounds were made up of thousands of rocks. Funny to see what lies at the bottom of a lake. Surprisingly enough, this one is just rock after rock.


Some things are just better for having your buds around!



We went back to the cabin and played outside for a bit before heading inside for games. Finally it was bed time. Away to the bunks.


Sunday morning we woke up to a temp of 40 degrees and light snow. Helene was cold and soon vomiting. She spent the day resting in bed or watching Phineas and Ferb. Brandon took our girls on quick ATV rides before it was soon too cold for them as well. Spring time in Leadville is unpredictable at best. But at least our buddy still came around our lot for his nightly rounds.


Monday morning Helene was better and on the go. We packed up, cleaned up and were on the road. But not before getting one more shot with our buddy Wyatt. His health was heading down hill all weekend and we had a feeling this would be his last weekend up at his beloved cabin. Sad to say this was true. But, at least he went out with a bang. He loved this place and we are so happy he got to be here for a couple of years with us. He would roam his property several times and day and enjoy all the smells it had to offer. You were the BEST dog ever. You are so missed.