Field Day 2012

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Today was the much anticipated Field Day event at school. Kayla and I had music class in the morning so we were not able to attend all events. We arrived about half way into the morning. After a little side debacle with Reagan we found Sydney doing this thing. Not quite sure what it was and according to Sydney is was hard. But, funny to watch.


Next it was their turn on the zip line. We watched the entire class take a turn and snapped photo of everyone. Lots of giggles and smiles on that one.


There was also the favorite 3-legged race with best bud Madison as her partner.


The jump rope race. Just look at that concentration.


The afternoon was spent doing several relay races between grades. Here is the whole lower school enjoying their day.


In one of these races the kids had to run to one end of the field, drop their shoe, run back to the other side, then run back to find their shoe. A funny event to watch unfold. Later I was told that this is a common game during gym class.


The classmates. Always a crazy day.