Old Mill Park

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Today, was another field trip for the 3rd grade. Our adventure today would take place at the local Old Mill Park. Its an old historic park located in the heart of Longmont. Its so small we never even knew this place existed. But, the volunteers and the few exhibits they do have really made for an interesting day.

The first stop for my group was an old milk house. This is apparently where the milk was stored before the days of refrigeration. Its made of a special stone which keeps the building interior cool all year round.


Inside the milk house they had all sorts of milk contraptions to demonstrate how cheese was made at different time periods. Different milk storage containers, etc. They also explained how it was the kids job to milk the cows, strain the cream for the milk, and churn the butter. Kids (and parents) these days have it way too easy.


Next, we went to the old cabin. This was once the home to a Swedish family who moved to Longmont in the days of the Gold Rush. They soon realized that they were not miners and instead built the old flour mill in town. The mill later burnt to the ground in a week long fire. Apparently flour dust is extremely flammable. I learned something new. Here the kids learned about chamber pots, saw how little the living quarters were and learned how the “bad” kids were punished with rug beating duty. Apparently not an easy task.


There was also the blacksmith who showed us how tools and such were created back in the day. It took an hour to make a dozen nails. And nothing was wasted. Once it served its purpose it was melted and made into something else.


Lastly, we were taught how laundry was done. Which was quite a chore. I for one came home and professed my love to my washing machine.


After our tour was over we walked over to the local park so that the kids could all meet their pen pals from Longmont Christian school. Its always fun to put a face to a letter.


After lunch there was some good ole play time with some of her best buddies this year. We are so blessed to go to school with such good kids. It really makes us appreciate the sacrifices we make to pay that tuition bill every month. Worth every single penny!